My Profile

Follow these steps to edit your contact information and profile image:
  1. Log into your SalonInteractive
  2. Click on your name to expand the drop-down
  3. Select on My Profile

To Edit your Profile:
       4. Click Edit Profile
       5. Edit information in any fields you wish. (If you have a SalonRunner account, you will not be able to change your Email Address.)

       6. Once you are done making changes, click

To Edit/Change your Photo:
      7. Click Edit Photo

       8. Utilize the icons to the right of the image:
- To upload a new photo, click , select the photo from your device, then click Open

- To rotate the image, click
- To delete the image, click

To Change your Password:
9. Click Change Password

       10. Enter your new password in the field provided, then click Save
*If you are apart of more than one location using SalonInteractive, you can easily toggle locations through the My Profile page.
       Click the blue arrow icon to switch to that location

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