Talker Ad Campaigns

Talker Ad Campaigns are active campaigns that are shown for product recommendations when using online scheduling
Creating a new Talker Ad Campaign:
When logged in to your SalonInteractive account navigate to Ad Campaigns and choose Talker Ad.  To create a new one click New.

1. Name your campaign with a name relevant to the advertisement you are creating
2. Choose a date for your talker ad to begin showing and when it should end.  If you don’t plan on the ad ending any time soon leave the end date blank and it will be shown forever or until you reach the spending limit.
3. The Spending Limit is how much you want to spend on the ad before it is paused and no longer shown to clients
4. Once you have finished filling out the necessary fields click save
NOTE:  When the ad is completed SalonInteractive will review and approve the campaign before it is shown anywhere.

Talker Ad Details:
Once you are in the Retail Ads page you will see a quick overview of all of your ads you have created.  You can quickly view when the campaign was started, when it will end, the status, How many ads are in the campaign, how many people have seen the ad (Impressions), and how many people actually interact with the ad (clicks).


1. Display Dates: The length of time your ad will be shown to clients
2. Created/Approved: View who created this ad and who approved this ad.  The approved name will be a SalonInteractive Employee.
3. CPC: How much it will cost you every time a client clicks on your advertisement
4. CPM: Your estimated cost after 1000 clicks
5. Spending Limit: The amount of money you are willing to spend before the ad is paused and clients no longer see it
6. Auto Renewal: Gives you the ability to view how many times you are allowed to and have renewed your ad to be shown to clients
When you are ready to choose which products you would like to advertise click Add Some Now!  You will see a list of all available products on the right side of the page.  To add a product to your ad campaign click the plus symbol next to the product name.  When you are finished click Done and they will automatically be saved to your campaign!


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