Auto Email Campaign Templates

Auto Email Templates
Create templates for your clients to use when they are sending Automated emails to their clients!
In order to create a new template navigate to the Auto Email Templates tab on your Homepage

Click New Template to start creating your template.  
You will need to be sure to fill in all of these fields before saving:

Campaign Type: Decide which Automated Email this template will be available for.
Days: How many days before or after should the email be sent once the system recognizes it needs to send the email to the client.
Name:  Give the template a name that relates to the purpose of the template you are creating.
Days Label: If the email is going out a certain amount of days after the event (Birthday, Appointment, etc.) you will want to write After in this field.  Otherwise, you would write Before.
As soon as you are ready to make it available to clients check mark the option to make it Active and save.
Congratulations, you have made your new template!
Using Special Variables:
Special variables are various pieces of information that can be added to the email. For example if you wish to start the email with the client’s name you can choose, Client Full Name from the list of variables.  So in the example below my email would say “Happy Birthday John Doe!” when it was sent to John Doe and “Happy Birthday Mary Jones!” when it was sent to Mary Jones.
→ Click on Use Special Variables
→ Choose from the list of variables
→ Simply click on the variable below and we’ll insert it for you.



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