Getting Started

The SalonInteractive Dashboard allows you to view how much your business is growing week by week.  To take advantage of this feature you can navigate to SalonInteractive one of two ways:
When logged into SalonRunner click on SalonInteractive.

Log in directly at:

Note: Unlike other software companies SalonInteractive nor SalonRunner owns your data. Your client information regarding emails is not seen by the distributor, brands, or consultants. Permission for sending emails to your clients on your behalf, is as if sent by salon.
The first time arriving at your SalonInteractive ‘My Company’ home page you are prompted to start setting up your SalonInteractive account.

My Company
1. Setting your Timezone
   - If you do not use an integrated scheduling software, such as SalonRunner, you'll need to set up your company's Timezone

Within 'My Company', proceed to:
Contact Information
> Select your Timezone in the drop-down provided > Click "Save"

2.  Activate Client Connect marketing
3.  Connect with your Distributor
4.  Select your Brands
5.  Create company Auto and/or Mass Email Campaigns

My Company Page Preview

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