eCommerce Walkthrough

1. Your selected Brands will be available to clients through your Branded eCommerce link.

2. Once a Brand is chosen, the user will select a product they would like to purchase.

3. The user will be able to see details about the product while viewing it. Once they have selected the desired size, the user will click Add to Cart.

4. Next, the user has the ability to choose a service provider (if they would like to give them credit for the sale). Once a service provider has been chosen the user may continue shopping or proceed to checkout.

5. Once the user is in the shopping cart, we suggest they review their order and make any necessary changes. 

6. Before the user can place their order, they will need to sign in or create an account. To create a new account they will click: Don’t have an account yet?

7. Once logged in, the user should enter their shipping information and choose their preferred method of shipping.

8. Before the order is submitted, the user will be brought to the checkout screen to review their order.

9. Once the user is ready to checkout, they will click Next: Credit Card to enter their payment information.

10. Once payment is successful, a confirmation message will appear and a confirmation email will be sent to the user.

11.  Once the order has been shipped from the distributor the client will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number.

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