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Harness the power of eCommerce and deliver the brands that your clients love and want with your very own online store. Provide valuable product knowledge, client shopping history, and accessible communication with your business while shipping products to the comfort of their home.

If you haven't already, follow our Guided Setup to get started with eCommerce!
Follow the steps below to edit any eCommerce settings after going through the Guided Setup process
1.  While logged into SalonInteractive, go to eCommerce

Bank Account Status
This is used to verify your bank information in order to receive commission's from your eCommerce sales.
   a) If you need have not yet verified the Bank Account, you'll click
. Then, you'll enter the two small deposits we've made in your account
For example: If we deposited 4 cents then 1 cent, you'll enter 0.04 in the first box, and 0.01 in the second box. Click Save

Note: Deposits typically take 24-48 hours after entering your Bank Account information

   b) If you have already verified your Bank Account, click to review details or click (remove my bank account) to delete it


View/Edit/Add the merchandisers you sell product through
4.  Click   to edit your current or add more
   a) To edit your existing Distributor(s), hover over them and click Settings

* Clicking Brands will allow you to view/edit/add the Brands available under the Distributor

   b) Make any changes you need to, then click Save

- If you need to delete the Distributor, click Remove my association to this Distributor

   c) To add a new Distributor, hover over it and click Add

* Clicking More Info will show you available features and additional information

   d) Toggle ON any features you'd like to utilize for the Distributor, then fill out any box that appears below. Click Save once done.

* If there is an 'X' in any switch, that feature is not available for the Distributor

Attention Beauty Solutions Customers: The Client Account number you enter will auto-translate into your Internal Account number upon saving!

Online Store Link
You can make view or change your eCommerce Store URL here

5. Simply delete and re-type in the white box provided, then click

6. If the URL is available, you'll then click the button that will appear underneath

Tips & Tools:
- This link can be copied to create "Shop Now" buttons on your social sites, in your personal website, or where-ever else you wish!

How to add your Shop Now button to Facebook
How to add your Shop Now button to Instagram

- You can easily share this link to your store through Facebook & Twitter posts by visiting your Promote page!

- Officially announce your eCommerce Store by sending out your first Mass Email Campaign FREE!

View/Edit the Logo for your Business here

7. Use the button to upload or replace your Logo

8. Select the image from your device, then click Open

9. If you need to rotate, enlarge, or crop your Logo, click

10. After making any adjustments you wish, click the save button

11. If you would like to delete your Logo, click

  • Use this checkbox: - to enable or disable your eCommerce Store
  • Use the button at the top of the page to view your eCommerce Store from a client perspective

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