Introducing SalonInteractive

Exciting news - SalonInteractive is HERE!!!! For you, this move means a business dashboard displaying your service and product sales complimented by helpful sales graphs. You’ll also find your very own profile complete with contact information and even a profile picture. Reach out to targeted client lists choosing from hundreds of mass email marketing templates, each with tracking intelligence to analyze their performance. You can even reference past mass email campaigns to marvel at your masterpieces.

Also, SalonInteractive provides branded product knowledge that you can share with your clients. And, the most thrilling part? If you’re affiliated with one of our partnered distributors, products can be put to work with your very own online store. You don’t even have to carry inventory to make it work. Imagine that!

What this Welcoming Party Means for Client Connect

Don’t worry, Client Connect is still part of the family. Only, it will now be housed under the SalonInteractive tab in your account. All Client Connect marketing emails, both automated and mass, will be created, edited, and viewed under SalonInteractive. This new home for Client Connect also means wonderful enhancements. Check out our lavish new templates, use brand templates or even create your own. The new campaign tracking feature will help analyze the performance of sent, delivered, bounced, and opened emails. Oh, and that beautiful image library you have? Not to worry, it’s making the move as well. All of your current images will be viewable with SalonInteractive.

Cultural Revolution!
Culture is the personality of an organization and how those involved interact with one another. In order to revolutionize a culture for the greater good, the organization must transform everything it knows and does into a shared, consistent vision of where the entity is headed. This collaboration is achieved through the proper application of technology and true partnerships based on mutual trust and the desire to work as one for the benefit of the whole. Business today pits competitive supply chain against supply chain. To compete, it comes down to delivering maximum value, customization, and satisfaction to the ultimate customer, while at the same time reducing inventory, lead-times, and costs. To do so, SalonInteractive has integrated and synthesized the supply chain to function as a single entity. Its mission is to maintain the integrity of how professional products are sold by offering revolutionized supply chain solutions for today’s salons, spas, and independent operators.

Getting Started:

Activating Client Connect Premium Features
Setting up Brand and Distributor Relationships
Setting up Automated Email Campaigns
Setting up a Mass Email Campaign


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