Main Dashboard Walkthrough

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On your Main Dashboard, you'll receive a visual representation of your Monthly Total Sales with a bar graph

Use the Start Date and End Date fields to adjust the date range you'd like to see information for

- The left side of the bar graph represents the eCommerce sales in yellow for all the salons you support as a Distributor Sales Consultant
- The right side of the graph represents the Salon Orders in green. Again, for all the salons you support as a DSC

- You are able to remove either side of the graph to focus on only one source of sales by clicking "eCommerce" or "Salon" at the bottom of the graph

To hide the bar graph while looking at your Dashboard, click "Hide Sales Graph" at the top of the graph

Note: Any sales graph or table totals will take 24 hours to sync after any changes made

At the bottom of your Dashboard, you'll see a table with all of the Salons you support as a DSC

Information provided includes:
- The Salon Name
- The Salon Address on file
- Their current Status
- Their Ordering Status for both eCommerce Store and Salon Orders (this will list their Account number as well)
- Their Order Totals within the Date Range you selected at the top of your Dashboard

Clicking on a Salon name in the table will bring you to another Dashboard with that Salon's individual overview/totals and Salon Orders

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