How to Create a Salon Order

1. Log into

2. Once logged in, go to one of the Salons you support by clicking on the "My Salons" tab to the left of the screen

OR click on the Salon's name within the table at the bottom of your Main Dashboard

The last thing you'll see on the Salon's Dashboard is "SALON ORDERS"...
3. Click on the button to get started

4. Select the Distributor from the drop-down

5. Enter an Order Label (or Name) to later identify the order

6. Click Get Started

7. Start adding items to the Salon's Order by clicking Add Product

8. Search & select the product you'd like to add to the order, then click Add Product

9. Each product will be added individually at this time.  Once product are added to the order list, you can update their Quantities in the box to the right of each.  Click Update underneath their quantity once changed!

Note: If you need to delete any products off the Order list, click the blue "Delete" button under the quantity

10. Click Next: Order Summary at the bottom of the order list once it is complete

11. (If this is your first time submitting an order on behalf of this salon), Enter the Salon's email & password for their Distributor account, then click Validate

12. Review the Order
You will see a preview of the first few products, the total number of Items on the order list, broken-down subtotals for each product on the order list, and an overall Subtotal for the order

To expand all the items on the list, click the blue "show all" button

13. Click Place Order once you are done reviewing the order

14. Once you have placed the order you will receive a Distributor Order Number at the top of the list

  • You can change the Order Label (Name) at any time by clicking the blue pencil icon next to the Label
  • To delete an OPEN order, click the button at the bottom before proceeding to the Order Summary
To Copy a Previously Created Order:
1. Click on the Order Label in blue shown at the bottom of the Salon's Dashboard.   It doesn't matter whether the current status is Open or Completed

2. Click the Copy button

3. Are you sure you want to copy this order?:  Click OK

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