My Brands

   Any Brands your Distributor carries that also
  associate with SalonInteractive will be found under

  your My Brands tab to the left of your screen.

Once you select a Brand, you will be taken to a screen where you can further filter by that Brand's Product Lines or general Product Categories

Upon selecting a product in particular, you will be taken to more information about that product such as:
- Sizes
- Short Description (Description)
- Full Description
- A video about the product, Brand, or line (if there is one provided to us by the Distributor)
- Directions on how to use the product
- Ingredients
- Whether or not it is a Professional product

* If the product is a Professional use item, it will say PROFESSIONAL PRODUCT under the Size drop-down

If any of these informational aspects are missing within a product, feel free to reach out to us in regards at!

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