Mass Email Campaigns - Scheduling a Launch Date

No more sticky notes! Take your Mass Email Marketing a step further by scheduling your launch date and time.
After your Mass Email has been perfected, you are ready to set a launch date!
  1. Click on the green Launch icon
  2. You will see a pop-up to select the date and time you wish for this campaign to launch - If you would like to launch the campaign immediately, you do not need to adjust the date or time

  3. Once you have chosen the date and time you wish to launch the campaign, click the green Launch button
  4. Once the campaign is successfully set to launch, you will see a blue pop-up at the top of your screen

Once launching is complete, you will be able to begin tracking the campaign with our Campaign Tracking functionality.
Note: If your company’s Timezone is not already set, you will have to do so before launching a campaign.  If you attempt to launch a campaign before setting your Timezone, you will receive a pop-up directing you to do so.  There will be a direct link on that pop-up to your Company Profile.  Your Timezone will be set under your Contact Information.


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